Tussey teachers vote in favor of a strike

Teachers at Tussey Mountain School District in Bedford County voted in favor of a strike authorization at a meeting Thursday.

This vote authorizes the leadership of the Tussey Mountain Education Association to call for a strike.

The association began negotiating in January and is the only school district in Bedford County with employees working under an expired contract.

The last bargaining session was on Sept. 28, at which time the education association offered a proposal to which the district has yet to formally respond.

Annie Slezickey, an organizer in the Central-Western Region of the State Education Association, said in a statement that during the last 10 years, Tussey Mountain School District has fallen behind the standards upheld among all other school districts in Bedford County. While the strike authorization vote passed unanimously, Tussey Mountain’s education association has not yet called for a strike.

The union hopes to return to the bargaining table before the end of 2017 to reach a fair contract, Slezickey said.