Pipe bombs found in Huntingdon County house

HUNTINGDON — An investigation into two pipe bombs found in the basement of a Huntingdon County home is ongoing.

According to Huntingdon County District Attorney David Smith, Huntingdon Borough police found the two pipe bombs in a backpack in the basement of a home at 1211 Mifflin St. on Oct. 11 after they received a tip the devices would be found in the building’s chimney.

Huntingdon Borough police sought and received a search warrant and along with the Huntingdon County Sheriff’s Department and its bomb-sniffing dog searched the basement of the home. A backpack was found in the chimney with what appeared to be two pipe bombs.

The Penn State Bomb Squad was called in and after X-raying the devices, determined they were explosive. The bombs were neutralized at the scene, and police said each pipe bomb was filled with gun powder, nails, razor blades and screws.

Smith thanked Huntingdon Police Chief Jeffrey Buckley and his department, Sheriff Jeff Leonard and dog-handler Rocco Panosetti and the Penn State Bomb Squad for “their professionalism in resolving a potentially very dangerous situation in the borough.”

Smith said, “We are very fortunate that in Huntingdon County, multiple agencies work together for the common good.”