Cresson man faces robbery charges

Lacue allegedly took jewelry, money and clothes from juvenile

A Cresson man faces six felony charges for an alleged violent robbery Oct. 13, when a boy was beaten and threatened with a gun.

John J. Lacue, 18, of 233 Powell Ave., Apt. 5, is accused of stealing jewelry, money and clothing from a juvenile male, according to Cresson Borough police.

In a criminal complaint, police said they were contacted by one of the boy’s family members, who reported the alleged robbery. The boy was later interviewed.

The boy told police he visited Lacue’s home with a friend — another juvenile male — according to the complaint. Lacue answers to the “street name, ‘J.'”

Once inside the home, the boy sat at a table, which was holding about a half-ounce of marijuana, police said.

Lacue left the room, returning moments later wearing brass knuckles on his right hand, the boy told police.

The boy told police he stood up from the table when Lacue returned. At that time, the other juvenile male grabbed the boy in “a chicken wing style maneuver with his arm pinned behind his back,” according to the complaint.

Lacue then assaulted the boy with brass knuckles, punching him in the head four or five times, police said in the complaint.

After the assault, police said Lacue stole two gold chain necklaces, a gold watch, three earrings and two gold rings from the boy, police said.

After the alleged robbery, the other male juvenile threw the boy to the ground telling him not the get up, the boy told police.

The other male juvenile then picked up a rifle and held it to the underside of the boy’s jaw, police said, noting they later saw bruising caused by the muzzle.

“While holding the rifle to (the boy, the other male juvenile) stated ‘give me a reason to not pull the (expletive) trigger,'” police wrote in the complaint.

Lacue eventually searched the boy’s pockets, taking $12 in cash and his smartphone, police said, explaining Lacue later smashed the phone.

Using another phone, Lacue recorded a video of the boy, which showed the other male juvenile holding the rifle to the boy’s head while they ordered him to say disparaging things about himself, police said.

Lacue punched the boy in the face, telling him “not to (expletive) around anymore,” police wrote.

Following that assault, Lacue allegedly told the boy to open his mouth and placed the barrel of the rifle inside of it, according to the complaint.

“Give me a reason not to blow your brains all over my wall,” Lacue told the boy, according to police.

Lacue removed the gun from the boy’s mouth and threw him to the ground before stealing his hat and shoes, police said.

The other male juvenile again grabbed the boy in “a chicken wing style maneuver” and took him to the apartment’s steps, which they threw him down, according to the complaint.

The boy was able to flee to a relative.

Later, police were able to photograph the boy’s injuries and also watched a video recording of the alleged assault, according to the complaint.

Online court documents state Lacue faces six felony robbery charges, as well as seven related misdemeanors.

Lacue was arraigned late Wednesday before Mag-isterial District Judge John Prebish Jr.

He remains in Cambria County Prison unable to post 10 percent of $250,000 bail, online court documents show.

He is to appear for a preliminary hearing at 1 p.m. Oct. 31 before Prebish.

Cresson police said Thursday the other male juvenile will be charged in juvenile court.

Mirror Staff Writer Sean Sauro is at 946-7535.