Hyndman cleanup efforts continuing

HYNDMAN — Railroad workers are set to burn off lingering chemicals and load dangerous liquids out of derailed train cars today as they clean the site of last week’s destructive CSX train derailment in Bedford County.

CSX representatives said work would continue this week as most of Hyndman’s residents return to their lives, days after they were allowed back to their homes. About 30 homes remain evacuated as CSX employees and contractors clear cars from the scene.

“A reduced evacuation area … is being maintained due to the ongoing truck traffic, movement of derailed cars and other noisy, disruptive activity that is occurring at the scene of the derailment,” CSX representative Rob Doolittle said in a written statement.

Doolittle said workers are clearing 20 remaining cars and cleaning grain products that spilled during the Wednesday morning crash, which left dozens of cars off the rails.

Workers are set to clear two cars filled with sulfur and asphalt, loading the substances into trucks before removing the cars themselves, Doolittle said.

Locals may see flames at the site today and Wednesday — the result, Doolittle said, of workers burning away lingering vapor before they load the liquids into trucks.

“These processes are being closely coordinated with and approved by the Hyndman Volunteer Fire Department, and all necessary precautions will be taken to manage the process safely,” he said.

A community outreach center for those affected is set to remain open today, but at a new location: the Hyndman General Store and Quilt Shop at 141 Market St. CSX representatives will be at the site 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. through Friday, Doolittle said.