Group discusses Mansion Park flooding

Fixing flooding issues at Mansion Park without shifting the problem to Logan Boulevard and surrounding roads is a priority of the Altoona Area School Board’s physical plant committee, Superintendent Charles Prijatelj said.

Mansion Park’s turf balloons with water during heavy rain.

Buried manholes in the area of the park were part of the problem, but they’ve been uncovered. The problem that remains is a patchwork drain system, Prijatelj said. Pieces of the system include pipe too small to handle the storm water.

The EADS Group engineered plans for the district to renovate the system, and the school board is set to receive construction bids Monday, Prijatelj said.

Increasing the size of Mansion Park’s underground pipe could overburden the city’s storm water system, however.

So the EADS group engineered a system of 15-inch storm sewer pipe with 36-inch retention pipes built in, Prijatelj said.

“When water backs up at Mansion, it’s got to fill those 36-inch retention pond areas we are building into the engineering of the pipe,” Prijatelj said.

Altoona City Public Works Director Nate Kissell said the city is reviewing the district’s plans.

“They’ll be adding larger pipes underground to collect more water and leave it out slower into our system,” Kissell said.

“The engineer and the district are doing a good job of making sure the change to the course of the water doesn’t affect people that it doesnt right now,” he said.

Drainage system repairs over the park’s history have been a puzzle to figure out, Prijatelj said.

Last year, the district hired a company to send a camera through the system to find out which drains lead where.

“It’s system upon system. Some systems are being used and some aren’t. It’s been a project to sort out what is happening and not happening when the turf fills like a balloon. In a couple years, we will be due to replace the turf. We don’t want to be dealing with these issues that shorten the life of the turf,” he


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