Tyrone rebidding stormwater project

TYRONE – The Tyrone Borough Council voted this week to revise an engineering agreement for a stormwater maintenance project along Park Avenue.

Borough Manager Phyllis Garhart said the project might have to be delayed until next year, as it has become more complicated than expected and the needed funds may exceed what is available by the end of 2014.

“The project is a lot more than our staff can handle,” Garhart said.

The project was initially a repaving effort to help better direct stormwater run-off along Park Avenue. It also would make needed repairs between the Third Street and River Alley intersection, Garhart said.

She said estimates now suggest the project could cost close to $220,000, which means the borough will have to apply for grant money and pull from its liquid fuels fund to pay for the repairs.

Garhart said the stretch of road has no crown point, and water tends to settle and drain off very slowly. This makes it more likely that a driver could hydroplane or, in winter, slip on ice.

The borough will also have to do work to put in new curbs along Park Avenue, she said, which would drive up the cost.

Garhart is in the process of applying for grants, she said, which would likely push the project out of this year’s road work window.

Councilman Raymond Detwiler requested more information about the grants, saying that if the grant expires by the end of the year, then the funds would be useless for this project.

Garhart said she is waiting on additional details about the grants she’s applying for but said the expiration date shouldn’t be a concern. If the grant funds are secured, council will have to put the project out for bid again to adjust the projected costs, she said.

If the grants are not secured, general fund money will have to be budgeted for the repairs.

Garhart said the Park Avenue project, once completed, will make the road a better drive for residents and better control stormwater that has been seeping into some homes.

“All of this will fix the problem in that area in regard to stormwater drainage,” Garhart said.

Mirror Staff Writer Paige Minemyer is at 946-7535.