Tyrone approves cost for new HVAC system

TYRONE – The Tyrone Borough Council approved the cost of a new HVAC system for the borough building’s basement on Monday night, despite concerns about an increase in the project’s price tag.

Council voted 4-2 in favor of the new heating system. Mark Kosoglow and Raymond Detweiler opposed, and Terry Richardson and Christy Ray were not present at Monday’s meeting.

The upgrades will cost the borough almost $100,000, which several council members wavered on. Consulting engineer Kevin Nester told council that initial projections put the cost at about $85,000.

Kosoglow said he would have liked the borough to explore other options before accepting the $98,888 cost.

“Plan A seems pricey,” Kosoglow said, “and we can always come back to it if we can’t find a Plan B.”

The new system needs to be installed before the borough police can move down into the building’s basement. Currently, the police share the top floor with other borough officials. The HVAC system is one of several upgrades the borough is putting into the bottom floor.

Council Vice President William Latchford said he was concerned about paying so much for the new system because the police department isn’t expected to stay in the basement for any extended period of time. The borough has future plans of building a police station, then using the borough building’s basement to store records.

Borough Manager Phyllis Garhart said the space could also possibly be leased to county officials once it’s vacated.

“How can we explain to the taxpayers that we’re putting $100,000 into a storage facility?” Latchford said.

A HVAC unit will be installed in each of the 12 rooms in the basement, Garhart said, and some minor duct work and piping is also necessary. The systems will provide air conditioning, heat and also control moisture, she said.

Police Chief John Romeo said the borough needs to move quickly on the upgrades, as the police department doesn’t have nearly the needed space in it’s current situation.

“It’s not fair to the officers,” Romeo said.

Mirror Staff Writer Paige Minemyer is at 946-7535.