Police: Shots fired into minivan

At least five gun shots hit a minivan along Fifth Avenue Alley, according to city police on Monday.

Rachel Beard, 34, of Altoona said she was driving down the alley when someone started firing shots into the side of her Plymouth Grand Voyager minivan.

Beard said she doesn’t know who fired the shots but said she had just been in an altercation with several people after she delivered money she owed to a friend for used kids clothing.

Beard said after she gave “them” $80, she was accosted, resulting in a small scrape above her eye.

“Then as I was pulling away, they took shots at me,” Beard said.

Beard said the friend who sold her the children’s clothing was a co-worker, and she didn’t know what provoked the incident or who fired the gun. Police marked Beard’s blue van at the scene with tape to show the holes caused by the gun’s bullets, including spots where rounds shot into the van partially exited the door. The front passenger side window was shattered.

Police impounded the van so they could continue to process the vehicle for more evidence in an attempt to piece together exactly how many shots hit the van.

Beard said during the confrontation she was asked, “You want to get smart?” before she was assaulted. She said she got in her van and started to drive away when someone opened fire.

When the shots rang out, Beard, who was not injured, said she sped out of the alley onto Third Street. She later returned to the scene where she met with police.

The incident took place about 1:20 p.m., police said. Altoona Police Detective Cpl. Marshall Worling said Monday afternoon that police were working to sort out what happened and said no one was in custody.

“Now I have a bag full of clothes that don’t fit my kids and a van with holes all through it,” Beard said.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Altoona police at 949-2489.

Mirror Staff Writer Greg Bock is at 946-7458.