No charges will be filed in Hollidaysburg probe

No criminal charges will be filed in connection with misconduct by Hollidaysburg Area football players that was reported by the senior high school’s officials.

The Hollidaysburg Police Department has concluded its investigation into the misconduct, and Hollidaysburg Borough Police Chief David Gehret released a statement on Friday.

“The investigation identified several victims of misconduct as well as actors who were subjected to the same misconduct. … Parents were satisfied with the disciplinary actions taken by the school district administration and felt that pursuing criminal prosecution did not serve the best interest of their children.”

Staff at the borough office said no further comment would be made.

Several team players have been suspended or removed from the team. While Superintendent Bob Gildea declined to confirm the specific misconduct or the number of players involved, he said multiple players in 10th, 11th and 12th grades participated in the locker-room activity.

Earlier claims characterized the accusations as hazing, but Gildea said the case involved students of several grade levels, regardless of their time with the team.

The players face school suspension in addition to team suspension, but none of the players are set to be expelled.

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