Antis Township board questions possible anniversary surplus

BELLWOOD – The Antis Township Board of Supervisors authorized an official letter to the committee that put together the Bellwood-Antis 125th Anniversary event, requesting additional information about a surplus the event may have earned.

Township Manager Lucas Martsolf and Secretary/

Treasurer Lori Del Biondo had both contacted committee co-chair Betsy Thomas over the past year regarding the funds, but were given limited information.

Thomas told Martsolf in late June that the extra revenue would be donated to six nonprofit charities in the Bellwood-Antis area, but she said she would not specify which, according to Martsolf’s monthly report, as the committee’s solicitor said it might cause “ill will” in the area.

The supervisors were particularly concerned with the fate of the donation the township made to the event, which was about $1,200 in taxpayer money, and if it actually went to the anniversary celebration or to these charity donations. Supervisor Kenneth Hostler brought the matter to the board’s attention and said that the committee should be more transparent.

“It’s a PR situation,” he said.

Chairman Supervisor Robert Smith said the township was not accusing the committee of mishandling the money, but they simply wanted more details on where the funds went.

“We are not making any innuendos about anyone or anything,” Smith said.

Township solicitor Patrick Fanelli said the board had limited ability to request the information. Should the committee decline to respond to the letter, they have no real recourse, he said.

He said the township can request additional information, but they are not entitled to it.

“Certainly I think you have a very persuasive political and practical reason (to know),” Fanelli said.

Though the board voted unanimously to send the letter, Supervisor C.J. Caracciolo expressed doubts over the need for the letter.

He said he thought that the committee had given its answer to Martsolf, and they wouldn’t get any more information.

“I just don’t see the letter going anywhere,” Caracciolo said.

Mirror Staff Writer Paige Minemyer is at 946-7535.