Police: Woman on bath salts crashed into cars

A woman was high on bath salts when she crashed into several parked cars, according to Altoona police.

Loretta Mae Mangia, 56, of 715 Pine St., rear, Hollidaysburg, was charged Monday morning with driving under the influence of drugs, possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia charges after police said she wrecked into two parked vehicles on the 2500 block of Fourth Avenue.

According to Altoona police, Mangia appeared lethargic after the crash around 1:48 a.m. and failed two of four field sobriety tests. Mangia reportedly told officers she had taken Suboxone, a opiate addiction maintenance drug, around 11 a.m. Sunday and was also prescribed Neurontin, a drug used to treat nerve pain, but police also found two small bags of suspected bath salts in her purse, according to court records.

Mangia, who is on bail for a possession of drug paraphernalia case earlier this year, also had a makeshift pipe hidden in her bra, police said. The pipe had been made by removing the rubber bulb of an eyedropper, police noted.

Mangia allegedly admitted the white-rocklike substance in the two bags was bath salts. Police said blood was drawn from Mangia at UPMC Altoona.

Apart from the DUI and drug charges, Mangia is also charged with several traffic violations, including driving without insurance and careless driving. Mangia posted 10 percent of $15,000 bail Monday and is due to appear at Central Court on July 9 for a preliminary hearing.