Parents face charges after conditions of city home

An Altoona couple is in jail on charges they allowed their children to live in squalor.

David W. Greenwalt, 32, and Robin King, 38, were arrested Saturday after Altoona police found their apartment at 116 E. Sixth Ave. to have no electricity, only one mattress with no sheets or pillows and dirty clothes carpeting the floors of the living room up to 8 inches deep, according to police.

Altoona Police Lt. Jeffrey Pratt said the residence was next door to a home where authorities removed four children and charged their parents earlier this month in a similar case. It’s the third such incident in the past three weeks, he added.

The refrigerator in the kitchen had no door, and garbage was piled inside and around it, police noted. A black residue of some sort surrounded the trash bags around the refrigerator and the home’s washer and dryer were stacked with laundry and didn’t appear to be working. The ceiling in the kitchen was collapsed, and dirty dishes were piled in the sink, police noted.

Police said the children, ages 4, 5, 6 and 11, had no toothbrushes and appeared very dirty. Pratt noted the children were taken by Blair County Children, Youth and Families and placed in foster care.

Greenwalt and King are charged with felony child endangerment counts and were committed to Blair County Prison after failing to post their $7,500 cash bails set by Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller.

Greenwalt and King are due to appear at Central Court on Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.

This story was updated on July 24 to correct the address