Kidnapping suspect facing trial

An Altoona man at the center of an attempted kidnapping will face trial.

Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Auker found police had enough evidence to send the case against Jordan T. Knutson, of 1522 20th Ave. on to Blair County Court after hearing testimony Wednesday from the alleged target of the kidnapping, her fiance and a 14-year-old juvenile who was with Knutson early on June 29.

Another teenager, 17-year-old Tristen L. Wilson, of 1817 16th St., was charged July 7 as an adult and remains in Blair County Prison, along with Knutson. Wilson is awaiting a hearing in Blair County Court on Aug. 12, where his attorney will ask the court to prosecute Wilson in juvenile court.

Knutson is accused of having the 17-year-old drive him to the Pennway Drive home of the woman about 1 a.m. June 29 so he could confront her about some ongoing legal battles between their families. Knutson allegedly grabbed the woman and dragged her to the car after she walked outside to find out who was banging on her window.

Wilson allegedly pulled out with the woman half-inside the car. Her fiance smashed the windshield of the car after the vehicle got about a half-block from her home, causing Wilson to stop the car and giving the woman a chance to escape.