APD: Couple let kids live inside filthy home

Two city residents face charges after four children were removed from what police called a house of filth Sunday on Sixth Avenue.

April M. Greene, 30, was allegedly heavily intoxicated when police responded to her apartment, 114 E. Sixth Ave., second floor, at about 1 a.m. Sunday after a 911 hang-up call.

Police said officers found four children, all under the age of 5, living in squalid conditions, including a severely autistic 2-year-old who hadn’t been given his daily regimen of shots. The apartment reeked of urine, feces and garbage, and officers reported finding “copious amounts of garbage and laundry” covering every area of the apartment, save for a central path through the home, according to court records.

Blair County Children, Youth & Family Services took 10-month-old twins, a 2-year-old boy and a 4-year-old boy from the home, police said, and charged Greene and the children’s father, John P. Mattiello, 31, of 2026 Fifth Ave., first floor, with felony endangering the welfare of children and related charges.

Police said the 2-year-old is autistic, requires a feeding tube and is supposed to get shots for blood clots three times each day. Police said about five unopened FedEx boxes containing the shots were found in the living room and noted the medication was expired. The last opened package of the medication dated back to early June.

The responding officer first saw Greene’s two 10-month-old twins, who were standing in a crib separated by a piece of wood when Greene answered the door, and police checked the rest of the house despite protests from Greene, who insisted there was no problem apart from she had just had a fight with her boyfriend and he had left, police noted.

Her boyfriend, Mattiello, talked with police at UPMC Altoona, where the children were taken to be checked, and questioned officers about the problem with the condition of the house. Mattiello said he stays at the apartment “off and on” and said it has been in much worse condition than police found it in.

Police said Mattiello was charged after he told an officer he had been to the house earlier that night and did not see anything wrong with the condition of the apartment.

Police said the kitchen sink was filled with dishes, and trash littered the kitchen counters. Five empty vodka bottles were scattered about the kitchen, and an entire bag of tobacco had spilled on the counter and floor, one that police described as covered with a sticky residue.

In the bathroom, police allegedly found a sink covered in cigarette ash, a toilet that hadn’t been cleaned in months and a bathtub that was covered in rust and mold and filled with clothes. Dirty laundry was piled to the ceiling in the bathroom closet as well, police said.

The twins were in a makeshift crib in the living room, one with no blankets and a mattress that didn’t fit the frame, police said.

The children were chewing on the piece of wood that separated them in the crib, and one of the children was playing with a broken dimmer switch with an exposed, live wire, according to police.

A 4-year-old was sleeping on a recliner in the living room, a room police said was full of garbage.

Upstairs, a small hall leading to a bedroom was stacked with boxes, most filled with dirty baby clothes that smelled of vomit, police pointed out. A window at the top of the stairs was broken out, with sharp glass exposed, and what appeared to be blood and feces was smeared on and around the window, police added.

The 2-year-old was sleeping in a crib in the upstairs bedroom, but police said the room couldn’t be entered because of filled laundry baskets, and a mattress that had been tossed over top of a toddler bed.

The pair are charged with four felony counts of endangering the welfare of a child and four misdemeanor counts of recklessly

endangering another person.

Greene and Mattiello remain free on unsecured $10,000 bonds and are due to appear at Central Court for preliminary hearings on July 16.