Property damage, injuries reported

BEDFORD – Flooding in Bedford County left property damage and several injuries through Wednesday evening and Thursday, Emergency Management Director Dave Cubbison said, but the effects were mitigated in part by widely circulated warnings.

Ongoing flooding through Thursday forced a few people from their homes throughout the county, he said. Emergency responders from as far as Geeseytown worked to rescue residents from high water, though no one was killed, and only a handful of people received minor injuries.

The heavy rains and storms – which included at least one tornado late Wednesday – will largely be felt in damage to farms and wooded areas, Cubbison said. Several roads remained closed through Thursday, and flooding might have washed some road portions away, he said.

In some areas around Bedford, rain running down mountains stripped whole areas of dirt and deposited it as mud in people’s yards at lower elevations, Cubbison said.

In Lower Snake Spring Township, officials called up snowplows to push an 8-inch layer of mud from roadways.

“It looked like somebody took icing from a cake and laid it down,” Cubbison said of the thick, heavy mud.