Police: Man abandoned kids to go purchase cigarettes

An Altoona man faces charges after police say he left his three young children home alone.

Stanley “Manny” Boynton, 34, of 875 26th St., Apt. 1, is accused of leaving his three children, ages 1, 3 and 5, at their mother’s home on Cherry Avenue, where he was supposed to be watching them while she was out, according to Altoona police.

It started at 12:30 p.m. May 23 when a neighbor heard a kid yelling outside, police said. The neighbor told police she saw a young boy yelling, “Mom,” from a second-floor window and could hear a baby crying inside. The neighbor, who is familiar with the family, rushed over to the home to check on the children and allegedly found no adult in the home.

Police arrived at about 1 p.m., and by then the children’s mother arrived home and was extremely upset the children were home alone, police noted. The mother told officers the children’s father had been taking care of them while she was out. According to court records, the mother told police Boynton was at the house when she left at 6:45 a.m. and was still there when she returned at 9 a.m. to get the 5-year-old ready for school, which he attended in the afternoon.

At about 11 a.m., the mother contacted Boynton through a text message to tell him she was getting her hair done and would return soon. Boynton allegedly responded that he had things to do and wasn’t staying at the house. The mother told police the two argued briefly via text messages, she finished her hair appointment and returned home to find Boynton wasn’t at her house.

When questioned, Boynton told police that the mother had contacted him that morning and asked him to watch the kids, but he told her he couldn’t, that he had “things” to do, according to the affidavit.

Boynton allegedly told police he would stop at the Altoona Police Department to give a written statement, but never did.

On May 25, the mother gave police a written statement and provided police with the text messages she received from Boynton that included lines such as “like [expletive deleted] these kids” and “I’m out I need ta get cigs the kids screaming and [expletive deleted].”

Police said Boynton told police a second time he would give a statement but as of May 29 had not.

Boynton remains free with a preliminary hearing on misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child charges scheduled for July 9 at Central Court.