Hollidaysburg gets traffic signal for visually impaired

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Hollidaysburg is in the final stages of installing a traffic signal for the visually impaired, which will be the first in Blair County.

Council member Joseph Dodson noted this feat at the council’s meeting Thursday night.

“I think that’s a great thing,” he said.

Dodson pushed hardest for the traffic signal, which will be installed at the intersection of Penn and Allegheny streets.

He said a family that resides in the borough, with a young blind daughter, contacted him about

potentially getting the signal.

The signal will emit a noise to alert visually impaired people at the crosswalk that it is safe to walk.

There are also tones to help the blind find the button to activate the signal on some models.

Borough manager Mark Schroyer said the parts of the signal would be shipped from New Jersey on Friday, and then the borough would have to install them.

He said it should be

ready for use within a few weeks.

Schroyer said the Newry Lions Club and Tel-Power Rental have volunteered to assist with the installation to cut down costs. The installation process could be complicated, as the new signal must integrate successfully with the existing system, Schroyer said.

The project will cost about $14,000 total, though the free labor will save the borough about $4,000, Schroyer said.

The money will come from the general fund, he said.

Schroyer said the project did stall briefly because the traffic signals are not kept in stock regularly. It was ordered more than a month ago.

“They basically make it as they get orders,” he said.

The project really picked up steam after the council’s March meeting after it had been discussed several times prior.

“We have to be the leader in this,” Dodson said.

Mirror Staff Writer Paige Minemyer is at 946-7535.