Bramble provides aid for Prospect Park playground build

At Prospect Park Friday, a company called Bramble led volunteers out of a rough patch encountered several weeks ago, when workers couldn’t install a playground complex because of poles with holes on the wrong side.

Bramble Landscapes LLC, a certified installer for the manufacturer, is an adviser for community “builds” like the one at Prospect, according to the firm’s Mark Bramble. Bramble prefers projects in which the company assembles the equipment with its workers.

“But what I like about these kinds of projects is the sense of community – the interaction,” he said.

Volunteers interacting Friday included Lou Steinbugl, who was standing on a platform, and his son, Alois, who was standing on a higher platform and taking bolts from his dad.

Lou, 57, grew up nearby and used to play as a kid on the swings and teeter-totters that stood on the same spot, and later brought his son there, when Alois was young.

Lou isn’t fond of the assembly work but likes “giving back.”

He’s president of the nearby Bavarian Aid Society, which provided a handful of the 25 volunteers.

The volunteers need direction, said Bramble, who said the sequence of assembly is key.

Workers set up the outside corners, then place the decks, the slides and the “peripheries,” he said.

The volunteers were “excellent” – not least because there were experienced tradesmen from construction firms and L.S. Fiore and Bolger Bros. among them, Bramble said.

Those workers knew what to do with minimal investment of his time, making it easier for everyone, he said.

The heaviest assembly work was done Friday, said Mike Hofer, executive director of the Central Blair Recreation & Park Commission, which is partnering with the Booker T. Washington Revitalization Committee on the project.

Friday’s work was so heavy at one point that workers had to backtrack – removing railings they’d bolted to a ramp, so they could lift it into place, Hofer said.

The remaining assembly today should go easier – although he’d still like about 25 volunteers to show up, Hofer said.

After the assembly, a contractor will build a sidewalk and pavilion and place mulch, according to Booker T. President Kathy Plunkett.