Spring Cove schools could ban tight clothes

ROARING SPRING – With a vote set next week on a comprehensive new dress code, the Spring Cove school board could formally ban thin dress straps, thigh-level holes in jeans and that ubiquitous trend: leggings as pants.

The proposed code, which goes into greater detail than its relatively vague predecessors, addresses several casual or revealing trends seen among students, Spring Cove Middle School Principal Candace Claar said Monday in a presentation.

Administrators took the lead from other central Pennsylvania schools on some changes, she said.

“The dress code is a little more detailed than we’ve had in the past,” Claar said. “It’s a pretty lengthy document.”

The code would ban super-tight tops, including muscle shirts for boys, and forbids pants with ripped holes too high for comfort.

Addressing a not-uncommon fashion trend among young women, the code would forbid all forms of non-pants worn as pants – tights, leggings and yoga pants could no longer be worn alone, Claar said.

“We’re seeing a lot of young ladies wearing tights without anything on top,” she said.

Pajama bottoms would be forbidden, as well.

The proposed restrictions – which affect students equally at all grades – were scaled down to include fewer clothing types, she said, as board members launched into a detailed discussion on the dangers of flip-flops.

Board member James Smith, who has worked at Smith Busing, asked whether the district is liable should a student trip on her flip-flop and injure herself at a bus stop.

“If they can go after the district, they will,” he said, a point Superintendent Robert Vadella acknowledged.

Board member Amy Acker-Knisely warned of a “revolt of soccer moms” if the district bans flip-flops.

A plan to limit shorts to certain months was

shot down, as well, Claar noted.

Regardless of what’s forbidden and what’s allowed, students will toe the line and prepare for scolding, Claar and High School Principal David Crumrine said. Claar recalled a girl who wore too-short shorts but, when told she had to put on longer school-owned pants, revealed her own.

“She’d brought jeans just in case,” Claar said.

Mirror Staff Writer Ryan Brown is at 946-7457.