John A. Hugya


Address:?647 Main St., Suite 200, Johnstown, PA 15901

Running for what office:?12th Congressional District

Seeking nomination of what party:?Democratic

Education:?BS University of Pittsburgh, graduate studies at St. Francis University – industrial relations

Occupation: Retired

Prior elected experience:?No prior elected experience – all Capitol Hill experience

What’s the top need of the district you seek to represent?

The return of good-paying jobs with the positive focus of infrastructure.

Infrastructure, based on the Glass-Steagall Act, which the AFL-CIO recently endorsed, as did 80 congressmen. It will free up money held in the investment banks and distributed to the commercial banks for loans.

What would be your top legislative priority if elected?

To have the commercial banks getting money – at least $3 trillion from the investment banks and to rebuild America.

What makes you the better candidate for the position?

My 23 years of experience – 16 as district director for Congressman Murtha and seven as chief of staff in Washington.

I am able to go to Washington – sit at a desk and go to work immediately – and I don’t need to learn what Congress is about.

Under what conditions and for what purposes would you support a tax increase?

I won’t support an increase in the income tax. I want a total restructuring of the IRS and our present tax system.

If elected, what will you do to benefit the area you represent?

The people will know that they have a strong, experienced representative with a diversity of skills and ability to take care of their problems and a professional staff who knows how to access all of the agencies in the federal government to handle their needs.