Frank Burns

Age: 39

Address: East Taylor Township

Running for what office: Re-election to State Representative of the 72nd District

Seeking nomination of what party: Democrat

Education: BA from the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown

Family: I love them

Occupation: State representative

Prior elected experience: Elected in 2008 for state representative in the 72nd District, East Taylor Township supervisor

What’s the top need of the district you seek to represent?

JOBS – Government doesn’t create jobs – businesses do.

My role as your state representative is to continue to support legislative initiatives that create an environment where business and industry can prosper in order to create family-sustaining jobs, an environment which fosters a skilled and trained work force, and an environment in which state, county and local municipal governments come together to reduce the obstacles of governmental bureaucracies and overregulation.

On the state level, we should lower the corporate net income tax to make Pennsylvania more competitive for companies that are looking to expand or to relocate within our borders, especially in Cambria County and the 72nd District.

What would be your top legislative priority if elected?

To continue the work that I have begun these last six years in improving the quality of life for our citizens in Cambria County and the 72nd district.

What makes you the better candidate for the position?

As your state representative for the past six years, I bring seniority and proven experience to the table.

In that time, I have gained invaluable experience in how the political process works in Harrisburg.

I have gained the respect and trust of my colleagues by building strong working relationships with both sides of aisle with Republicans and Democrats that is critically important for getting things done both in the county and my district.

I’ve stood up to members of my own party in an effort to do what I believe is the right thing for my constituents

Under what conditions and for what purposes would you support a tax increase?

There are other options to raise revenue rather than increasing the income tax on working people.

For example, we should lower the corporate net income tax by 3 percent, while closing the “Delaware Tax Loop Hole,” which currently allows large corporations to avoid paying taxes in Pennsylvania.

If elected, what will you do to benefit the area you represent?

I would continue to work hard to make government more responsive to the needs of the people I represent.

I will continue to be the best state representative that I can be in carrying your message to Harrisburg.

I will continue to listen to you in your schools, civic groups and community events and at my offices. I pledge to become involved in every aspect of life in every community in the 72nd District so I can better understand what issues are important to you.