Former B-A board member returning

BELLWOOD – A longtime Bellwood-Antis school board member who was defeated in the November election is back on the board.

Board members Tuesday appointed Scott Boyer to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of another longtime board member, Jeff Plummer.

Plummer, who had served on the board since 1999, decided to step down because of his work schedule, saying he did not have enough time to devote to his duties as a board member.

Boyer, who was on the board from 1997 to 2004 and from September 2011 through 2013, will complete Plummer’s term, which is due to expire in November 2015.

Boyer and Kevin Luensmann were the only two to apply for the position.

After being asked several questions by present board members, Boyer was elected by a 5-3 vote.

President Steve Winterstein, Vice President Lisa Kovac, Donna Tyler, Kenneth Loucks and Steve Burns voted for Boyer while Chris McCartney, Jeff Nycum and Robert Fisher voted for Luensmann.

McCartney, Nycum and Luensmann conducted a write-in campaign for the board prior to the fall election in which Boyer and fellow incumbent Chris Riddle were ousted.

Boyer said he was pleased to return to the board, while Luensmann didn’t wish to comment on the results.

“I feel I can make a positive impact by being a board member,” Boyer said.

Before the vote, Winterstein said the board had two excellent candidates.

“I would encourage the other to run in the next election and stay involved. I think you are both worthy candidates and are the kind of folks we would like to see on the board,” Winterstein said.

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