Shooting suspect facing new charges

HASTINGS – A Clearfield County man charged in last October’s Dean bar shooting had his case transferred to Common Pleas court Tuesday, and he will face four additional felony charges.

Russell Scott Shick, 57, of Beccaria Township allegedly fired multiple 9 mm rounds into George’s Tavern about midnight Oct. 16 after having argued with a bartender and her husband earlier that day.

Shick allegedly entered the bar about 1 p.m. claiming to still be drunk from the night before. When bartender Cynthia Lee refused to serve him, he made a sexual comment that caught the attention of her husband, Anthony Lee, who was opening Halloween decorations with a knife.

Anthony testified that he gestured at Shick with the knife and told him to leave. He said Shick told him to not “bring a knife to a gun fight” before exiting the bar.

Shick allegedly returned hours later and fired several rounds into the bar from his vehicle along Route 53. One struck Robert “L.J.” Edgar Jr., 31, of Coalport in the hip.

Shick was arrested a few days later after police said they found two 9mm pistols in his home – one with a live round in the chamber and two in the magazine – and two spent casings in his car.

Shick allegedly admitted to the shooting, telling police: “I did it. I was p–ed off that he [Anthony Lee] pulled a knife on me. … I shot four times. I was just trying to [mess] with them.”

Shick already was facing four felony counts each of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The additional aggravated assault charges are a higher-grade felony, and Cambria County Assistant District Attorney Forrest Fordham said they represent Shick’s “indifference to the value of human life,” under the criminal code.

Attorney Christopher Urbano, representing Shick, asked Magisterial District Judge Michael Zungali dismiss one charge of making terroristic threats. He said Shick’s alleged threat was nothing more than a statement, and the alleged target – Anthony Lee – testified that the remark didn’t scare him.

Urbano also said because prosecutors can’t produce the only victim who suffered physical injuries, they can’t confirm the injury’s source. Edgar died Feb. 27 in an all-terrain vehicle accident.

Fordham said the prosecution will be able to produce hospital records and doctors’ testimony to show Edgar suffered a gunshot wound. He also said the state doesn’t need to “show a victim quaking in fear” to prove that Shick’s statements were threatening.

Zungali ruled that all charges against Shick will be held for a Common Pleas court ruling.

Mirror Staff Writer Kelly Cernetich is at 946-7520.