Police will receive five Taser stun guns

Logan Township’s police department will soon acquire five Taser stun guns.

The department recently sent one officer for Taser instruction training in Ligonier so he can teach other officers when the new weapons arrive.

Police Chief Ron Heller said Logan Township officers used to have Tasers but replaced them about two years ago with Karbon Arms, another brand of stun gun.

In January, a federal court found that Karbon Arms had infringed upon the patent Taser held to make the electrical weapons. Karbon Arms was ordered, through an injunction, to pay $2.385 million to Taser and to end the making, using and selling of its devices.

Heller said five forthcoming Tasers will be shared by the officers, and more may be purchased next year.

The injunction issued in January ended six years of patent litigation between Taser and Karbon Arms and its predecessor company, Stinger Systems Inc.