Maple Hollow Road guardrail requested

CROSS KEYS – Some Allegheny Township residents are asking supervisors to install a guardrail along a section of Maple Hollow Road.

Ivana Magill of 1137 Maple Hollow Road presented supervisors Tuesday with a petition containing 52 signatures in support of a guardrail near Mcintire’s Gun Shop.

Magill reminded supervisors that she asked two years ago about a guardrail at that location after losing control of her vehicle, which left the road and went over an embankment.

“We’re not the only ones in our family that rolled our vehicle down that bank. My grandfather did, too,” Magill said.

Supervisor Chairman David Burchfield Jr. and Township Engineer Christopher Dutrow said they recalled Magill’s request.

“My recollection is that it didn’t meet PennDOT’s guidelines,” Dutrow said.

Because vehicles leave the road for various reasons, guardrails are only installed when warranted and justified, according to information posted on a PennDOT website.

“Guide rail warrants are based on the premise that a traffic barrier should be installed only if it reduces the severity of potential crashes,” the website states.

PennDOT District 9 Safety Press Officer Anthony Scalia said that because Maple Hollow Road is a township road, it would be up to the township and its engineer to review PennDOT’s guidelines and consider the options.

“We’ll take another look at it,” Burchfield told Magill.

Mona Magill, who was riding in the vehicle with her sister, Ivana, when the crash occurred, said Wednesday that she hasn’t forgotten the event.

“We rolled over that day, and the roof of the vehicle was caved in by 4 inches,” Mona Magill said.

Ivana Magill, who collected petition signatures from residents in Maple Hollow who agreed with the request, also offered a cautionary warning to supervisors.

“You’re going to wait until someone gets killed, and then you’ll say, you wish you would have put up a guardrail,” Ivana Magill said.

Mirror Staff Writer Kay Stephens is at 946-7456.