City league team will not be charged for using field

LILLY – Because of overwhelming support, the Lilly War Memorial Association board agreed Sunday to hold off charging the Conrad Chiropractic/Lilly American Legion baseball team a $1,200 fee to use its field.

Association President John Hurley said there was an hourlong discussion of the issue during a special meeting Sunday at the Lilly Borough building.

Despite no representatives from the team being present for the discussion – Hurley said he believes there was a team meeting scheduled that night – a large majority of board members did not want to force the City League team to pay to play, he said.

“Bottom line, at the end of it all … we voted to hold off on any charges for the 2014 season,” Hurley said, adding that officials will be reaching out to the City League team in the coming days.

Officials had grown frustrated with the team during the last two years after repeated requests for its members to contribute to field maintenance fell on deaf ears.

Longtime City League coach Ron Davison, who for years was the field groundskeeper, said he’d felt targeted by officials because no other teams were being asked to contribute financially.

He threatened to move all the team’s 22 regular season games to Altoona.

Hurley said officials want to form a committee to address the problem so they can find a solution before the 2015 season. He said he hopes some members will be willing to help with the grounds and field.

Davison said Monday he hadn’t had much time to consider the team’s future but said it will play ball at the field this summer.

“I haven’t talked to anybody in charge of the war memorial,” he said. “I don’t know how they’re thinking and what other options they might put out there.”

However, he said, he wants fans to know they’ll be staying in Lilly for now.

Lilly-Washington War Memorial Field is used by City League, a Legion league, a pony league and Penn Cambria High School’s baseball team.

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