C-K board working on new regulations for booster clubs

CLAYSBURG – The Claysburg-Kimmel School Board is set to present a detailed, seven-page policy next week regulating booster clubs – a month after district parents, residents and basketball players hammered the board

with questions on team booster money.

The new rules, up for a first reading at Wednesday’s meeting, tightens the relationship between the administration and booster clubs and clearly defines who can serve in the clubs’ ranking positions.

They would replace a prior policy that, at last month’s meeting, board members admitted was insufficiently clear and almost never followed in practice.

The problem came to light in March, when the board accepted boys basketball head coach Josh Klausman’s unexpected resignation. The board and Superintendent Royce Boyd said only that an internal investigation had been carried out into possible missing money.

Klausman, the booster club’s sole authority, publicly denied any suggestion that he had taken the cash.

Some at the March meeting, including players and their parents, called for public answers on the alleged disappearance. Boyd said shoddy or nonexistent record keeping on the club’s part meant it wasn’t even clear that money was gone.Under the proposed policy, booster clubs must seek board approval by submitting bylaws, annual budgets and a list of officers. Paid coaches of the club’s sport would be barred from booster leadership positions – essentially preventing a repeat of the basketball case, in which Klausman personally oversaw the fund with little, if any, oversight, according to Boyd.

Fundraising by unapproved groups would be banned, according to the policy, which also delineates acceptable fundraising purposes and purchases.

On Wednesday, board President Jeff Dugan stressed that the district shouldn’t wield too heavy a hand when dealing with boosters.

“I don’t want to be like our government and have too much power,” Dugan said. “We’re screwed without them [booster clubs].”

Mirror Staff Writer Ryan Brown is at 946-7457.