Police probe possible overdose

HOLLIDAYSBURG – An Altoona police detective confirmed Wednesday that an investigation has been opened in a possible drug overdose death that occurred Sunday night in Altoona.

Detective Cpl. Marshall Worling is attempting to find the individual who might have provided drugs to a 35-year-old man who was found dead in his home on the 1000 block of First Avenue.

Worling said Wednesday, “The investigation is ongoing.”

He said it is “believed to be a drug overdose at this point.”

Two patrol officers were sent to the home at 10:22 p.m. for an adult man who had apparently suffered an overdose.

When police arrived, he was allegedly unresponsive and lying on the living room floor.

The officers said they saw several items of drug paraphernalia and what appeared to be controlled substances in plain view.

The investigation into who might have provided drugs to the victim began immediately.

Because of the drug-related items in plain view, Worling requested a search warrant for the home from Magisterial District Judge Paula Aigner.

It was issued, and police said they confiscated as evidence two cellphones, a box containing syringes, spoons and packets of heroin.

They found an empty insulin syringe bag, two empty heroin packets stamped “Blood Money,” a brass pipe and multiple empty heroin and Suboxone packets in a trash can.

Police said the officers confiscated 23 items at various locations that include evidence of heroin and Suboxone.

A woman was at the scene, but another woman who called for help had left the area.

Worling on Wednesday afternoon was in the process of seeking a second search warrant.

Blair County Coroner Patty Ross said toxicity testing will be performed before she rules on the cause and manner of death.

Tests can take four to six weeks, she said.