Paterno drops out of lieutenant gov. race

Jay Paterno, a son of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, has dropped out of the race for lieutenant governor, according to a statement released Friday.

Paterno made the decision to drop out of the race in response to ballot challenges from competitors.

“Over the past twenty-four hours in talking with attorneys it has become clear that the ballot challenge could be a long process with potential decisions and appeals carrying beyond Monday’s hearing,” Paterno said in his statement.

Brad Koplinski, a Harrisburg City Council member in the running for lieutenant governor, said earlier this month that he would file suit to challenge whether or not Paterno met the requirements to be on the ballot for the primary.

To be put on the ballot, Paterno needed 1,000 signatures from Democrat-registered voters but would need 100 each from five different counties. Koplinski and his representatives did not believe he could meet the second requirement.

Paterno acknowledged that he entered the race late and said he is the only one who bears “responsibility for that and for any shortcomings in our efforts.”

“With less than two months remaining before the primary, I do not want an ongoing legal back and forth to be a distraction in this race,” Paterno said.