Glendale, Reade Twp. discussing options

FLINTON – Glendale Valley Municipal Authority and Reade Township Municipal Authority officials were scheduled to hold an executive session Tuesday evening to discuss a forthcoming lease – or possibly even the sale of – Reade’s municipal authority.

RTMA Chairman Tom Hollis said before the meeting that both sides were “going to discuss the transfer of RTMA management operations to GVMA.”

When Hollis was told that discussion of routine agency business was not an exception under which board members could hold a closed meeting, he then said he did not know what the meeting was about and directed all questions to GVMA Manager Tracy Plessinger.

Plessinger said he believes both sides would have been able to finalize a lease and management agreement Tuesday for a vote today, but said GVMA’s ultimate goal remains to purchase RTMA.

He said whether a purchase agreement is in the near future remains to be seen.

“I think that, at this point, the lease agreement is in the best interest of the customers,” he said.

GVMA solicitor Bill Barbin said Tuesday afternoon that the executive session was to have involved the potential sale of RTMA property, which is an exception to the open meetings rule.

“I don’t know how RTMA feels about it exactly,” Barbin said.

He said he’s drafted a management agreement between both entities to be discussed at a special meeting this evening at the GVMA building in Flinton.

It’s unclear whether a majority of both boards favors a permanent change, he said, and there are opposing views among the officials involved.

Some want the transfer done slowly, while others would prefer to include selling RTMA as part of Wednesday’s discussion, he said.

“Tom [Hollis] is calling it a transfer of management because he wants to minimize it,” Barbin said. “We’re calling it lease or sale because we want to maximize it.”

Mirror Staff Writer Kelly Cernetich is at 946-7520.