Centre County men sentenced for robbery

BELLEFONTE – Two Centre County men were sentenced Friday in Centre County Court in connection with an August 2013 robbery in the Bellefonte area.

Cameron Woodring of Bellefonte was sentenced by Judge Pamela Ruest to serve five to 15 years for one count of robbery-criminal conspiracy, and Garrett Freeman of Millheim was sentenced to serve seven to 17 years for one count of robbery-criminal conspiracy and one count of aggravated assault.

According to the Centre County District Attorney’s office, the two men orchestrated a robbery on Aug. 26. Freeman pounded on the victim’s door wearing a black shirt with the word “police” on it, a fake badge and a ski mask. When the victim opened the door, Freeman pointed a sawed off shotgun at him and then struck him in the face with the butt stock of the gun, knocking him temporarily unconscious.

Freeman then entered the home and pointed the shotgun at a second victim, while Woodring entered the home through a second story back door wearing a hat and cloth to cover his lower face and brandishing a pistol. Freeman then tied the first victim’s hands behind his back while Woodring handcuffed the second victim and placed him on the couch.

Freeman then took the first victim to a bedroom where a safe was kept and ordered him to open it. Freeman and Woodring then filled two backpacks with $10,000 and a pound of marijuana from the safe. Once they freed the victims and ordered them not to move from the couch, Freeman and Woodring exited through the second floor back door, according to the district attorney’s office.

After fleeing their residence Freeman and Woodring hid the shotgun in a duffle bag and locked it inside a car parked in Woodring’s mother’s yard. Both men were on the run and were quickly captured by authorities in Johnson County, N.C., south of Raleigh.