School board sets rules for committee

CLAYSBURG – The Claysburg-Kimmel school board voted unanimously Wednesday to set rules governing a recently formed citizens’ committee, while the committee’s new leader called their first meeting a success.

The committee, established with seven Claysburg-Kimmel residents, was formed to consider new paths for a district that lags behind its neighbors on test scores.

Members must be district residents or alumni, according to the newly approved rules, and the school board can appoint observers to sit in on committee meetings.

The new rules could end a tug-of-war between the committee’s early representatives and board members, who accused its founders

of acting outside their bounds.

New committee head Stan Finnegan, a former board member hand-picked by his colleagues, reported Wednesday that the group has already discussed plans including remedial classes for students with poor state test scores.

“Everyone at the meeting had a very positive attitude of where we’re going and where we need to be going,” Finnegan said.