Superintendent stays on; vice principal resigns

The Central Cambria School District is set to have its top administrator for another five years, but the high school is losing a longtime assistant principal who may be hard to replace.

Superintendent Vince DiLeo, who’s been at the helm of the district for five years, is in the last year of his contract. But he has been signed to a new contract ending in 2019.

“I’m thrilled. I love working in this district,” DiLeo said. “I’m just thrilled that I have support from the board.”

On Thursday night, the board unanimously approved DiLeo’s second contract that includes a 2.5 percent salary increase per year. His starting salary for the first year of the contract, beginning July 1, is $125,000, he said.

The board secured DiLeo for a new contract, but it accepted the resignation, for the purpose of retirement, of Assistant High School Principal Stanley Klezak.

Klezak has been in that position for about 30 years, DiLeo said.

“The board accepted his resignation with regret,” he said. “He’s going to be tough to replace.”

DiLeo said Klezak has been integral for the district’s relationship with community agencies involved with discipline and welfare of students.

“He assumed a student disciplinary role in cases involving local police, probation offices and the child welfare office,” he said. “He’s made nice inroads with those community resources.”

DiLeo said no two disciplinary cases are the same. Each requires different disciplinary measures, and Klezak’s handling of discipline was appreciated by parents and students.

“He has good communication with kids and their parents,” DiLeo said.