Shooter fires rounds into house

Bullets tore through a 15th Street house early Friday, according to Altoona police.

“All this breaking of stuff woke me up, and I heard about four shots after that,” said Robert Kelley, who along with his wife, Lois, were inside their home on the 1500 block of 15th Street when someone fired a large caliber gun at the home about 2:28 a.m.

No one was injured in the shooting. Robert Kelley said shots hit the 2 story structure, both upstairs and downstairs.

“There’s not much to say,” Robert Kelley said Friday afternoon about the shooting. “Somebody came by and shot up the house.”

While police would only say the shooting was under investigation, the home hit by bullets belongs to the grandparents of Joshua S. Shannon, 24, who lived there when he was arrested by Logan Township police following an Aug. 29 attack of a Coupon man. According to Logan Township police and court records, Shannon allegedly lured Melvin Lee Sollenberger from his home just outside Coupon, using the rouse that Shannon’s truck was stuck, and he needed help.

As Sollenberger drove his ATV with Shannon as a passenger to where the truck was supposedly stuck, Shannon allegedly pretended to have lost his cellphone.

When Sollenberger stopped the ATV, Shannon allegedly attacked and shot Sollenberger in the face.

Robert Kelley acknowledged he was Shannon’s grandfather and said it was “a possibility” the house was targeted in connection with that incident.

Shannon faces attempted homicide, aggravated assault and related charges and remains jailed with bail set at $250,000.

The shots were fired from the alley behind the home, situated near Gospel Hill Park, with one round entering just above the kitchen door before shattering a mug and souvenir plate hanging in the kitchen. It passed through a box of oatmeal before coming to rest inside a box of crackers, Kelley said.

That bullet and two others were recovered by Altoona police, the homeowner said.

Another round entered the kitchen and hit the family’s clothes washer, and another bullet ricocheted into the dryer. Upstairs, a bullet ripped through the bathroom, near the toilet, and traveled through the bathroom’s interior wall. That shot continued through the house, above the first floor stairwell, into another wall before it was stopped by the staircase to the attic level.

“My wife was in the back [room of the house] reading a book,” Robert Kelley noted, referring to a room adjacent to the bathroom that also faces the alley.

Altoona police detective Cpl. Marshall Worling said the investigation into the shooting was ongoing. Worling said a neighbor’s residence also was hit with one bullet and a vehicle was seen leaving the scene, although the details about what kind of vehicle remained under investigation.

Lois Kelley said the bullets came one after another, fired rapidly in succession. She said the shots came so fast it sounded like an automatic weapon.

The house is insured, Robert Kelley said, but a representative from his insurance company

wouldn’t be able to visit the home until after the New Year’s holiday.

Mirror Staff Writer Greg Bock is at 946-7458.