Mrs. Claus keeps Santa on track

For the past few years, the Mirror has interviewed the big man in red. This year we decided to go behind the scenes and talk to Santa’s better half.

A cheery woman, Mrs. Claus wouldn’t reveal too many secrets to the Mirror. Santa, according to Mrs. Claus, is pretty much just like the jolly old elf we’ve all grown to love.

He loves spaghetti and snowball cookies and is a fan of relaxing the day after Christmas. Myrtle Beach, S.C., is their go-to vacation spot, and Santa and his wife often enjoy dinner and a movie on date nights.

From Mrs. Claus’ description, Santa’s just a regular guy. But, tomorrow he will fly his reindeer around the world, delivering presents to every girl and boy. Then, he’ll come home, drink hot cocoa, and snuggle with his wife of “many, many years.” Here’s an excerpt from the Mirror’s exclusive interview with Mrs. Claus:

Mirror: Hello Mrs. Claus. We normally speak with your husband this time of year, but this year we wanted to get the woman’s perspective. If you don’t mind me asking before we get started: What is your first name?

Mrs. Claus: Joy

How did you meet Santa?

A: The Snowball Dance

What first attracted you to the jolly old elf?

A: His jolly laugh – it still makes me smile.

How long have you been married?

A: Many, many years What is your biggest pet peeve about Santa?

A: His beard tickles my nose and makes me sneeze.

What is Santa’s favorite meal that you cook?

A: Spaghetti with snowball-size meatballs

Does he have a favorite cookie?

A: Snowballs of course

Do you have any children?

A: The elves are the children of our hearts.

What is your role at the North Pole?

A: Just like any other wife – I keep the household running smoothly. Keep Santa healthy by making sure he gets plenty of rest and eats the right foods, making sure he doesn’t eat too many cookies.

How do you help Santa prepare for the big night?

A: Feed him lots of good food and keep the elves healthy and happy. I supervise with the packaging and wrapping. I keep the elves in order. They get a little silly sometimes.

Is there anything you do to help Santa keep composed and not get stressed?

A: After so many years on the job, Santa doesn’t stress. He loves what he does.

Do the elves really make every single toy and present?

A: Some of the toys are made here at the North Pole while Santa has to order some of the other more technical toys and games.

Do you have access to the naughty list? If so, can you tell me if there’s anyone on it that we might know?

A: Oh no – that is Santa’s list – for his eyes only!

What does Santa give you for Christmas?

A: Hugs, kisses and a tweak on the cheek. For us every day is Christmas.

What does Santa want for Christmas this year?

A: The same thing he wants every year, health, happiness and safety for all the world.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

A: Myrtle Beach!

Where do you and Santa go on date night?

A: Out to dinner at the Reindeer Cafe and sometimes to a movie.

Does Santa snore?

A: Absolutely!

Are you and Santa afraid Edward Snowden might leak some secrets about Christmas?

A: We have no secrets that could be affected by Edward. Maybe he just needs a hug.

Have you and Santa signed up for the Affordable Care Act?

A: Santa and I don’t bother ourselves with politics. They all need a hug.

How do you and Santa spend Christmas day?

A: After all the work is done we like to snuggle up with our hot cocoa and a good movie.

In a world often filled with bad news, how do you and Santa keep the spirit of Christmas alive?

A: You always have to have the spirit in you and believe that the good will outweigh the bad. Keeping the love of all big and small foremost in your thoughts.