Airport advertises fuel station bid

MARTINSBURG – The Altoona-Blair County Airport is advertising for contractors to create a new fueling station on the airport grounds.

Bids are due by Dec. 5 on the proposed project that could lead to construction of at least two and possibly three 12,000-gallon aircraft fuel tanks, starting in April or May, depending on weather.

The airport authority and Delta Airport Consultants have up to 120 days to review bids and forward an evaluation to PennDOT, Delta project engineer Adam Switzer said Tuesday.

PennDOT, which pledged to provide grant funding for a major portion of the project’s cost, told local airport leaders in September that the agency wanted to see some progress. The project has been under consideration for about three years. During much of that time, the authority and its fixed-based operator, DeGol Aviation, worked on an agreement concerning the project and expenses not covered by the grant.

As advertised, the project’s base bid calls for contractors to offer a price on building two fuel tanks to accommodate two types of aircraft fuel.

Contractors can also submit bids on additional items that the airport authority will consider, depending on available funds. Those items include: a self-serve component for the tanks, a parking area for fueling trucks, a dedicated off-loading area for fuel trucks, construction of a concrete area for a third fuel tank and the installation of a third fuel tank to provide additional fuel storage.

The two tanks in the base bid are to be built in addition to the airport’s existing fuel tanks, Switzer said, with no demolition work included in the bid invitation.

Long-term goals include eliminating the existing tanks, he added.