Dodson voted out as mayor, wins borough council seat

HOLLIDAYSBURG – Mayor Joseph Dodson has won a seat on the Hollidaysburg Borough Council representing Ward 2, according to write-in vote counts released Friday by the Blair County elections office.

Dodson ran against current Council President John Stultz for mayor in the primary but was defeated by two votes.

Dodson has served two terms as mayor of Hollidaysburg.

Unofficial vote totals Tuesday night indicated that former Borough Manager John Little had secured the open Ward 2 seat, beating Democrat Paul Plummer, 79 to 28.

Dodson earned 88 write-in votes to overtake Little, according to the latest results.

Dodson said he was “humbled” by the show of support from members of the Hollidaysburg community.

“I really, really appreciate the people that came out and did that for me,” he said. “I just can’t say enough.”

Dodson also earned more than 100 write-in votes for mayor.

Dodson’s votes were not enough to secure a win as Stultz had received more than 800. One voter also wrote Dodson’s name in for the open Ward 4 seat on the council.

Dodson said he garnered support by reaching out to people and reminding them of the things he’s done as mayor. He contacted about 95 people, he said, thinking that would likely be enough to secure a win.

“I just went out – grassroots, knocking on doors,” he said.

Dodson said he wants to promote unity in the Hollidaysburg government and cooperate with the other council members and the new mayor to get things done.

He noted Highland Hall as a particular issue that the borough could work on together. The building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, has fallen into disrepair, and a section of it recently had to be demolished. A community task force formed to determine ways to save the building.

He said members of the Borough Council, the mayor, the manager and other officials in Hollidaysburg “can’t be pulling apart” from each other.

Little said he wished Dodson the best moving forward and thanked those who voted for him.

“I guess what I’d like to say is I’m appreciative of all the people that did support me,” he said.

Little didn’t rule out a potential run for council in the future but did say “four years is a long time to wait.”

Dodson noted the contributions Little had made to the town when he was borough manager. He called Little a “very good opponent” and a “wonderful, wonderful manager.”

“The 2nd Ward would have gotten a good councilman with either John or I,” he said.

“I love this town. I love the people here,” Dodson said. “I expect to stay here until I meet that great guy upstairs.”