Police looking for suspected heroin dealer

Altoona police are asking for help finding a suspected heroin dealer.

It’s been nearly three years since Altoona police filed felony and misdemeanor drug charges against Vincent “Dirt” Williams Jr., 28, and the department is turning to social media to try and track him down.

Sgt. Brian Freiwald said Altoona police have had “great success” using Facebook to find fugitives in the past, so Williams’ picture and stats were added to the department’s page to hopefully stir up some leads to his whereabouts.

“Let’s see if we can breathe some life into this and bring this to a successful conclusion,” Freiwald said.

Williams skipped town ahead of police, who filed heroin delivery and possession charges against him in November 2010 after Williams was implicated in drug sales by a statewide grand jury investigating former drug kingpin Gene “Shorty” Carter.

Carter is serving a 104- to 216-year sentence in state prison for running a drug ring that police said sold a million dollars worth of drugs, including 22,000 packets of heroin and 44 ounces of cocaine, between Sept. 2009 and Dec. 2010, when Carter and a dozen others were arrested.

Williams, according to grand jury, brought in to Blair County between 74 and 90 grams of heroin from New York each month, and a January 2011 search of Williams’ apartment allegedly uncovered nearly 8 grams of the drug. Police also allegedly tied Williams to other heroin seized during the investigation into Carter’s organization and made controlled buys from him on several occasions.

Williams, described as a 5-foot-7-inch tall black male weighing 140 lbs., is believed to be in New York, according to police.

Mirror Staff Writer Greg Bock is at 946-7458.