Altoona Water Authority set to proceed with Tipton project

The Altoona Water Authority recently agreed that staff should go ahead with the construction of a water line along Lee Drive in Tipton to serve up to 12 households.

Antis Township asked the authority to do the project on behalf of seven of those households, according to authority General Manager Mark Perry.

The five additional residents could tap in if they wanted, Perry told the authority.

The township has an ordinance that would require properties to hook up to a public water line when it becomes available, but the authority would prefer it not to be enforced.

“We want people to want it,” Perry said.

“They [the holdout households] may come around,” said authority solicitor Alan Krier.

The project is feasible, and benefits the authority not only by adding customers, but because it will allow the authority to create a loop on what are now two dead-end mains, he said.

The people in that area have complained of hydrogen sulfide in their well water, according to Perry.

The line would be about 800 feet with the work being done in-house.

Homeowners would pay a share of the materials required and a tap fee.

The materials share if all 12 participate would be $2,583, according to an authority memo.

The tap fee would be $3,040.

Residents could pay on the installment plan, but all participants would need to make a down payment for the project to start, according to the memo.