Pinecroft man electrocuted

BELLWOOD – Blair County Deputy Coroner Paul Kerns confirmed that a Pinecroft man who suffered an electric shock a little before 3 p.m. Wednesday while working on an Antis Township home has died.

Kerns said 43-year-old William Davis, a contractor and owner of Billy Davis Construction in Pinecroft, was electrocuted while using a push broom handle to lift cable and phone lines so a DeGol Brothers Lumber vehicle could pass underneath.

The vehicle was there to deliver shingles to a home along the 400 block of Harris Street, whose owners had hired Davis to replace the roof, Kerns said. The property owner’s daughter-in-law performed CPR while waiting for an ambulance.

Kerns said witnesses told Pennsylvania State Police officers that Davis already had moved the wires once for the vehicle to pull into the driveway, and he was electrocuted while trying to move the wires a second time for the vehicle to back out.

“He used a broom handle to move a phone and cable line,” Kerns said. “In the process of doing that, the power line arced, and he was electrocuted.”

According to Kerns, Davis had been standing on a ladder attached to the DeGol truck bed, on the driver’s side behind the cab, so he would reach the wires, and the force of the shock threw Davis off the ladder.

A 7,200-volt current likely was carried through the broom’s handle, part of which was metal, Kerns said.

According to Kerns, Davis’ son and brother were present during the incident.

AMED transported Davis to UPMC Altoona, where he was pronounced dead at 3:19 p.m. in the emergency room, Kerns said.

Excelsior No. 1 Fire Department workers arrived at the scene shortly after emergency workers were called and taped off the DeGol vehicle, which was still connected to a live power cable, until Penelec workers arrived.

Fire Chief David McCloskey said state police and Penelec will investigate the incident.

Kerns said Davis leaves behind a wife, Shannon, and three children all under the age of 16.

Funeral arrangements have yet to be confirmed, he said.