Pedestrian hurt in crash

A Wednesday afternoon crash in downtown Altoona left some injured, including a pedestrian carrying a baby, police and witnesses said.

It wasn’t immediately clear how seriously the pedestrian, a woman, was injured, although witnesses at the intersection of 12th Street and 12th Avenue said she appeared to have suffered relatively minor leg injuries.

Don Franks, an Altoona Parking Authority employee, said he was driving his silver Ford sedan north on 12th Street when a red Dodge sedan, passed through an intersecting red light and struck the side of his car.

“He came down and smashed into me,” Franks said.

Franks’ car struck a sidewalk, while the second car hit the entrance of the Altoona Trust Co. building before it came to a stop. Witnesses and police said one of the cars swiped the walking woman.

She was carrying a baby who appeared to be less than a year old, witness Bob Gallagher of Altoona said.

Police confirmed that the red car, reportedly containing a driver and possibly a passenger, had run the red light, though it was unclear why the car had crossed the intersection. Officers on the scene said a citation would be filed pending further investigation. Police loaded the second driver onto a stretcher shortly before 5 p.m., though he appeared alert.

Witnesses said emergency workers had already taken the pedestrian and her child to UPMC Altoona.

Police directed traffic south onto 12th Street as a circle of onlookers gathered around the scene. Officers said they couldn’t immediately identify those involved or comment on the severity of their injuries.