Man injured in hit-and-run

Witnesses said a hit-and-run incident involving a pedestrian and a black Chevy Blazer or S-10 pickup truck occurred late Tuesday afternoon near The Meadows of Greenwood.

Police said the victim, 19-year-old Collin Johnson of the Greenwood section of Altoona, was struck on East Pleasant Valley Boulevard, opposite from The Meadows of Greenwood ice cream parlor.

Logan Township Police Chief Ron Heller said the suspected driver, Paul Weatherwalk, 50, of Rhett Lane, Altoona, fled the scene and was arraigned on charges of causing an accident involving injury and failing to give and render aid.

Weatherwalk, Heller said, was apprehended at his home – about one mile from the scene of the incident.

Todd Fletcher, 19, of Tipton

didn’t see the collision, but he heard it and said he saw the driver seemingly pick up speed after the collision, he said. Fletcher ran from the ice cream parlor to Johnson, who he said was screaming for help. Fletcher then called 911.

Fletcher said he saw the vehicle and the pedestrian prior to the collision. He said the driver, in a Blazer or S-10 pickup truck, appeared to be travelling the speed limit, 40 mph, and was approaching Johnson from behind him. The noise that drew Fletcher’s attention sounded like a car backfired, he said. He then saw the pedestrian on the ground and the driver continuing along the road.

“It sounded like a car backfired,” Fletcher said of the alleged sound of the vehicle’s collision with Johnson. “It looked like [Weatherwalk] was going the speed limit. It looked like he sped up after he hit him.”

Fletcher said others from nearby houses came out to aid Johnson. Logan Township Police spray painted a circle around a cell phone at the scene.

Logan Township Lt. Gil Barton said at the scene that a state police officer who assisted township police apprehended Weatherwalk.

Neighbors said police told them the driver blasted through a mailbox and a speed limit sign displaying the 40 mph limit as he continued North on Pleasant Valley Boulevard.

Barton said Johnson was transported by ambulance to UPMC Altoona and is in “stable” condition. Weatherwalk, who appeared not to be injured, Barton said, was taken into custody to be arraigned and tested for drugs and alcohol.