Police: Man quoted Bible to persuade girl

An Altoona man allegedly quoted the Bible to persuade a 16-year-old girl to have sex with him, according to police.

William Williams II, 36, 1719 Second Ave., Apt. 2, was arrested Thursday by Altoona police and charged with felony and misdemeanor sex crimes stemming from an alleged three-year sexual relationship with the girl, according to court records released Monday. Williams is also accused of making sexual advances to another girl, a 15-year-old, in a separate case, records show.

Altoona police note in Williams’ arrest papers that the girl told investigators that Williams told her not to tell anyone or “it will be even worse for her,” according to an affidavit of probable cause.

The girl told police the abuse was so frequent that she lost track of how many times it had occurred over the past three years.

The last time was July 13, police said, and physical evidence from that alleged encounter was kept and turned over to investigators. The girl also said Williams told her that he would stop having sex with her if she “would give him one last go around and set him up with her older sister,” Detective Ashley Day wrote in Williams’ arrest papers.

When questioned by police July 24, Williams allegedly broke down and confessed after he was confronted with the allegations and evidence.

Police said Williams said he waited until she was 16 before he tried to have sex with her, and when she resisted, he quoted a Bible passage from the Book of Job to persuade her.

Police said Williams said the passage states there were only three women a man shouldn’t have sex with – his mother, his sister and his grandmother – and told the girl “what

they were doing was [all right].”

Williams said after they had sex, he told her not to tell anyone because people wouldn’t understand their relationship, according to police. Williams also reportedly told officers that July 13 was only the second time they had sex, and he allegedly described the encounter in detail, including the fact evidence was left on the bed sheets. Williams remains locked up in Blair County Prison with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Wednesday at Central Court. Bail remains at a total of $155,000 cash.