Woman’s service work honored

NORTHERN CAMBRIA – For many employees of the Philadelphia-based education and support organization Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Northern Cambria resident Nancy Trinkley is a second mom.

When Trinkley travels to Philadelphia to visit her son, David Trinkley, she always finds time to volunteer at Living Beyond Breast Cancer, said Lynn Folkman, LBBC manager of volunteer services.

“For us in the office, she’s such a joy to have around,” Folkman said. “She feels like, to all of the staff, a second mom. She’s one of the volunteers that will just do anything and never complains.”

To honor her service, Trinkley was awarded in April with the organization’s Ann Klein Award. The award honors the volunteer who has made a “significant, ongoing commitment to LBBC.”

Trinkley said she was shocked to be honored.

“It means a lot to me,” Trinkley said. “All those people that work there, I have yet to find someone that wasn’t loveable.”

David, a doctor in Philadelphia, is very proud of his mother’s accomplishment.

“She’s always been someone that likes to be involved,” David said.

His mother is always available to volunteer and routinely helps others at church or for any other group that needs her help, David Trinkley said.

Above all, he said, his mother is very humble and volunteers solely to help others.

Trinkley became involved with Living Beyond Breast Cancer through one of her son’s friends, who works for the organization. Since her start in 2011, Trinkley has logged hundreds of volunteer hours completing mailings, database projects and other tasks “essential” to the operations of the organization.

“I’m glad that I could do it,” Trinkley said.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer helps women and their families by offering programs, services and support networks to those who suffer from breast cancer.

The organization’s mission is close to home for Trinkley, she said, because she has had multiple family members suffer from breast cancer.

“Nancy demonstrates her giving spirit and enthusiasm in all she does,” said Jean Sachs, Living Beyond Breast Cancer CEO. “Even when tackling a tedious task, she does thorough, careful work with a smile. Logging more than 200 volunteer hours, her service is unmatched in 2012.”

Trinkley said she is looking forward to returning to the Philadelphia area, where she will be staying with her son but also putting in more hours volunteering.

“In my last day there, I never got so many hugs in my life,” Trinkley said. “You know that when that happens, you’re appreciated.”

Mirror Staff Writer Zach Geiger is at 946-7535.