Trial coming for man charged in friend’s death

BEDFORD – A jury has been impaneled and a date set next week for a Bedford County man’s trial for allegedly killing a close friend during an argument.

Ten months have passed since Randy Scott Foor, 52, of Bedford Township allegedly pushed a friend, 49-year-old Dennis Sprigg of Manns Choice, during an alcohol-fueled dispute at a party. Police said Sprigg fell backward, striking his head on a sidwalk and falling unconscious as Foor tearfully apologized.

Sprigg died nearly seven weeks later at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center in Johnstown.

In December – after Foor reportedly attended his friend’s funeral and visited with grieving relatives – he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, a conviction that could earn several months to five years in prison. In February, as Bedford County Judge Travis Livengood was about to issue a sentence, Foor announced his desire to withdraw the plea and instead face trial.

At the time, Foor’s attorney, Thomas M. Dickey, said his client mourned his friend’s death but didn’t feel he was guilty of a crime. Livengood granted the request, setting the stage for a trial to begin June 19.

During jury selection Tuesday, Dickey paved the way for a possible self-defense argument by asking prospective jurors about their feelings toward such a defense. Dickey said in February that there was “clearly evidence that [Sprigg] was attacking Mr. Foor.”

Wearing a shirt and tie, Foor consulted frequently with Dickey as the attorneys whittled a room full of possible jurors to a set of eight women, four men and two female alternates.

As Foor and Dickey left the courtroom Tuesday, the attorney declined to answer questions about the trial, which is scheduled for two days next week.

Prosecutors have reintroduced an aggravated assault charge, a felony, that they’d dropped as part of Foor’s initial plea.

Despite the more serious charge, Higgins made clear to potential jurors that Foor and Sprigg didn’t usually share animosity.

“The defendant and the man who was killed were very good friends,” he said.

Mirror Staff Writer Ryan Brown is at 946-7457.