Russo building demolished

The former Russo building is down, and the site at 31st Street and South Branch Avenue will be put up for sale, commissioners said Tuesday

Dilapidated Demolition owner Stanley Boinovych said Tuesday that he has finished the job and used building materials to fill the site and create a level surface.

“It ended up being a little more work than anticipated,” Boinovych said.

Commissioners Chairman Terry Tomassetti said he had gone by the site.

“It looks good,” Tomassetti said.

For years, the large brick structure, a former slaughterhouse and storage facility, has been deteriorating.

In 2007, while it remained part of the late Tom Russo’s estate, the building was labeled a public nuisance by the city codes office because of the building’s extremely poor condition and neglect.

While the building’s last owner, Napoli Recycling of East Norwich, N.Y., showed interest in fixing up the structure, it failed to follow up.

The county tried last year to sell the structure for unpaid taxes, but after receiving no offers, Solicitor Nathan Karn recommended commissioners take action to address the property’s dangers. Tomassetti said he had been inside and saw stairways without railings, missing walls and other safety hazards.

He and fellow commissioners Diane Meling and Ted Beam Jr. agreed in February to raze the building and awarded a contract in March to Dilapidated Demolition at $122,740.

The structure is expected to be included in the county’s judicial sale scheduled for June 26 at the Courthouse. Karn, who is not available this week, is supposed to be calculating a minimum acceptable bid for the property.

Tomassetti said he has no expectations of the county recouping the demolition cost.