Police: Man stole Jeep, demanded title

An Altoona man allegedly stole a woman’s Jeep Cherokee, hid it and demanded she sign over its title, according to police.

Dylan E. Wagner, 23, Altoona, was arrested Tuesday by Altoona police and arraigned on two arrest warrants in two different cases, including an alleged theft of the 1998 Jeep in April.

Police contend Wagner had the only key to the vehicle and took the Jeep from the 1600 block of 17th Avenue before driving it to Glendale where he hid it for several weeks. Wagner then moved the vehicle to a garage on the 3000 block of Broad Avenue, police said. He was arrested there on Tuesday as he allegedly confronted the SUV’s owner about signing it over to him.

Police said Wagner had the vehicle’s key in his pocket when he was taken into custody and in a statement to police admitted he had the vehicle for the past two months and that he sent the owner text messages demanding she relinquish the title. Police also said Wagner admitted to refusing to tell the woman where he stashed the Jeep.

Altoona police also had an arrest warrant for Wagner stemming from an alleged incident March 30 on the 1600 block of 17th Avenue, where he once resided. According to police, at 11:36 that Saturday night, Wagner was outside his home, drunk and causing a disturbance that brought neighbors out onto their porches. After Wagner was taken into custody, he allegedly started banging his head on the patrol car’s window. Officers had to use pepper spray to get him to stop, police noted.

Wagner was supposed to show up in May for a hearing on disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and criminal mischief charges but failed to do so, records show.

Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Auker arraigned Wagner on the disorderly conduct case Tuesday morning, setting bail at 10 percent of $10,000. Tuesday afternoon, Auker arraigned Wagner on felony theft-related charges related to the Jeep, also setting bail at 10 percent of $10,000.

Wagner remains in Blair County Prison in lieu of bail and is to appear at Central Court for a preliminary hearing June 19.