No charges to be filed in April shooting. Man holding underwear, not gun

The Blair County District Attorney’s Office has announced that it and state police have completed their investigation into the shooting of a man by an Altoona police officer in the early morning hours of April 8.

The man was wounded.

A release from the DA’s office said the officer was justified in shooting the civilian in the dark alley.

The release stated the officer was confronted by the civilian, “who appeared to have a black weapon in his hands. When he raised his hands in a manner that appeared to point the object at the officer, the officer, who had drawn his weapon, fired wounding the civilian in the shoulder.

“It was later discovered that the object in the man’s hand was actually his black underwear. He was unclothed from the waist down, other than his shoes.”

The officer rendered aid to the man, the release states.

No charges will be filed against the officer or the civilian in the case, the release states.