Father laments daughter’s future

HOLLIDAYSBURG – The father of a 14-year-old girl, who became pregnant to a man when she went to a party at his house last year, said Tuesday the incident was “disturbing” because of the tough road ahead for his youngster.

“She has no idea what she is in for,” he said.

Taking care of the child, making sure the child is taken to day care and making sure she is there to pick up the child, making sure the child is fed: these are some of the duties that lie ahead, he said.

The girl’s father spoke for a long time as he stood before Blair County Senior Judge Hiram A. Carpenter, glad that he had a chance to talk and had someone to listen to him.

On the other side of the courtroom sat the 20-year-old who impregnated his daughter last fall, Jordan William Dibert of 170 Benton Road, East Freedom.

Dibert through his attorney, Assistant Public Defender Ed Ferguson, last week entered a guilty plea to one count of statutory sexual assault.

Sentencing was delayed until this week to give the victim and her father the opportunity to speak, if they wanted.

Carpenter ended up sentencing Dibert to a jail term of three to 23 months in the Blair County Prison.

After his release from the jail, Dibert will be on probation for five years.

The judge ordered him to attempt to obtain his GED or high school equivalency degree so he could support his child, who will be born within the next month.

Carpenter barred Dibert from contact with the girl or her parents, but he emphasized the order did not extend to the child.

Dibert expressed an interest in having a relationship with the child. The girl’s father wasn’t ready to grant his wishes. He vowed he would “make sure this guy would never see this child.”

Carpenter said that any part that Dibert would want to play in the child’s life would be up to another judge in another type of proceeding.

The judge said that Tuesday’s hearing involved only the criminal case against Dibert.

Dibert had his chance to speak, stating he was sorry “for all the pain and agony” he has caused.

While Dibert pled to a sexual offense against a minor, he will not be subject to Megan’s law which would require him to register with police as a sexual offender.

Blair County Assistant District Attorney Deanne Paul said Megan’s Law does not apply to statutory sexual assault.

Dibert was charged with statutory sexual assault because he invited the 14-year-old to his home on Oct. 19, 2012.

There was another couple in the home and they all went to an upstairs bedroom to watch a movie. He and the child had relations at that point.

He was charged as having sex with a child younger than 16 years of age, with him being four years or more older that her.

Paul summed up the case stating, “She’s a child and has to take care of a child.”

The girl’s father talked about how he has taken care of his children over the years.

He said he didn’t envision his daughter having a child this way. He expected she would graduate from school, and get married before having a child.

“It didn’t work out that way,” he said.

Carpenter had the last word.

Often in tough cases, he said, the court proceeding brings closure.

“One thing you didn’t get in this is closure. … You are not going to have closure. [Instead] you get responsibility. Maybe you can get closure if you love this child,” he said.