Cambria dropping Internet

EBENSBURG Cambria County will no longer be in the Internet service provider business. Commissioners voted unanimously Thursday to stop providing Internet service to In the Stix Broadband, a local broadband company. Under a new agreement, In the Stix will supply its own Internet connection and pay $79,852 year to rent space on the county network, said Steve Ettien, Cambria County technology director.

“They’re transporting their Internet across the network,” Ettien said.

The agreement is for two years. As part of the wholesale carrier service agreement, In the Stix will pay $1,500 per month for data transport services, Ettien said.

In the past, a breakdown of the county Internet meant a disruption in service for In the Stix customers, but the company will be responsible for restoring its own Internet in the event of a problem, Ettien said.

The county will only be involved if there is an interruption to the county-owned towers and distribution system, which would adversely affect the 911 system and require immediate attention, Ettien said.

The company’s about 600 customers will not see a disruption in service when the new contract goes into effect July 1, Ettien said.

The change in the service agreement means the county can focus entirely on maintaining the 911 system, Ettien said.

“We’re out of the ISP business at this point,” Ettien said.

Mirror Staff Writer Zach Geiger is at 946-7535.